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How to Buy Stocks in Canada Online with Questrade

Getting into the stock market as a Canadian doesn’t have to be scary. If you’ve done your research on what types of things you want to invest in, and understand the risks involved, then the actual process of signing up and purchasing those stocks can be fairly straightforward. The following step-by-step guide goes through how to buy stocks online in Canada using the discount brokerage Questrade.Using Questrade for buying stocks in CanadaOne of the first things you have to decide when buying stocks in Canada is what brokerage to use. There are many options available to Canadians and …

Questrade Review: A Beginners Guide to Investing with Questrade

In this Questrade review we'll cover what Questrade is and its features and fees. Next, we'll go over the platforms and tools available from Questrade. Third, we'll look into how Questrade compares to other online brokerages. We'll finish off with a beginners guide to getting started with Questrade; from signing up for and account, funding and buying investments to rebalancing your portfolio.What is Questrade?Questrade is an online investment brokerage based in Canada and founded back in 1999. Questrade allows users to purchase stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and other products …

Best Scotiabank Credit Card: The Ultimate 2020 Review

There are so many credit cards available to Canadians that sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to find which card is right for you. This guide will try to make things a little easier by breaking down the major rewards of all of the different Scotiabank credit cards that are offered in 2020, including sign-up bonuses, fees and the basics of what you need to know when choosing a credit card. Scotiabank offers travel rewards cards, cash back rewards cards, and low interest cards from Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Read below to find out which is the best Scotiabank credit card for …

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Step-by-step: How to sign up to Questrade to buy ETFs

Getting started with do-it-yourself investing can seem like a daunting task. Part of the reason ETFs are as cheap as they are is because you, as the investor, need to do some of the work by registering for investment accounts, and buying the correct funds. In a previous guide, I wrote about how Questrade is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to invest in ETFs. To make getting started even easier, I've put together a step-by-step guide on how to sign up to Questrade, and by using an offer code (5c7adaa406cd9), getting $50 in free commission fee's as well! Read on to see every step of the …

How to invest in TD e Series with Questrade

TD e Series are a great option for Canadians to invest in index funds. I've used TD e Series as my main investment method for years, and have written extensively about it. Until 2020, you could only invest in TD e Series funds through either a TD Mutual Fund account through their EasyWeb portal, or through TD's online brokerage, TD Direct Investing. But as of 2020, TD have made their e Series funds available through a majority of online brokerages! I'll show you how to invest in TD e Series with Questrade.What are TD e Series fundsTD e Series funds are a passive index investment option …

Manage Your Questrade Portfolio with Passiv

Allocating cash and rebalancing your Questrade portfolio are important aspects for when managing a portfolio of index Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Ensuring that you stay close to your target allocations once or twice a year will help you take advantage of global market fluctuations, and stay on-top of your investment portfolio to ensure that it is balanced over the long term. It’s important to know how to allocate (or invest) new cash contributions into the underweight assets in your portfolio.To make rebalancing and managing my portfolio as easy as possible, I use an automated tool …

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Step-by-step: How to buy ETFs with Questrade

In this step-by-step guide we'll go through how to buy ETFs with Questrade.In a previous guide, I covered how to sign up to Questrade and how to fund your account. You can also read this review to learn more about Questrade.Once you're ready to buy ETFs on Questrade, you'll need to determine the target allocation for the funds in your planned portfolio and then actually purchase those funds.Lets get started!Sign up with Questrade now to get …

TD e Series Funds: Low Fee Index Investing with TD Index Mutual Funds

For years, TD e Series funds (also known as e series mutual funds or e series index funds) have been a popular low-cost option for DIY index investing. Even with the increased popularity of robo-advisors and ETF investing, TD e-Series funds are still a great option for building your passive investment portfolio.In this guide we’ll take a look at what TD e Series funds are. Then, we'll see how they compare to ETF investing. Third, we’ll go over …

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